Strategy Tips

Don’t run before you can walk. Keep things simple when starting out. Begin playing just one table and then go from there. – Teri Mullens

More poker tips and strategies at bluewhitepumponline.comThis is great poker tip for beginners, and even intermediate players making the switch from live to online poker. One of the great things about playing online poker is the ability to multi-table – that is playing at several tables at the same time, which obviously means a greater chance of winning.

StarBurst £200 and 50 FREE Spins at Dazzle Casino - Use Promo Code 50STARSBut and it’s a big but, you need to master your technique first or else you’re just going to be losing on multi-tables. Because while poker involve an element of luck, skills and techniques make you luckier!

Be patient! – Derek van Beel

There is a tendency to play every hand even if they are weaker than you’d like. Don’t! Winning hands isn’t really the object of poker – winning is. And good players know when to bide their time.

Know how to be a real poker winner

Winner £30 free plus £600 welcome bonus - Use Bonus Code: ALLWINTo be really good you need to play a combination of tactics that adapt as and when is necessary. And you need to be able to tell which to use and when. That means seamlessly moving between of the four basic poker strategies: Tight play, Aggressive Play, Random Play, and Taking advantage of opponents’ mistakes. – R.S.C

This is probably the best advice you could get. Good poker play needs to be fluid. You can’t stick to one tactic for several reasons: 1. other players will read you like an open book, 2. poker isn’t a one size fits all game and 3. where’s the fun in that?

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