Best Bluffing Tips

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Don’t get cocky and show your cards. Ever! – Peter Hindle

The idea behind this is that if you show off after a good hand, other players might start to associate particular tells with a hand. And then know whether it’s strong or weak. This may seem more of a live poker bluffing tip, but the essence of what is being said rings true for online poker as well. Revealing yourself at any time during the game can give other players extra ways to read you.

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Take notes on your opponents. And then remember them. So no getting so drunk that the whole game exists in your brain as a blurry haze. It might be fun, but it won’t help your pocket at all. – M. Hopkins

Another more live casino-based piece of advice, but again there are points that can translate to online poker games as well. Sure, you play poker for the enjoyment which makes it easier with sites on how to play online poker at Casino US, but you’re not going to be learning anything if you’re not paying attention.

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And you’ll probably not remember anything if you’re drunk! (Plus, drinking alone in front of your computer can’t be healthy!) So, pay attention to what your opponents are doings, or what they say via chat and it could open up a world of potential tells you can play off.

Try a semi-bluff. Pretending your decidedly average cards are a bit better than what they actually. Not going crazy and acting like you’ve got a full house when the reality is actually nothing. But just a little. – D. Mortimer

Super advice. A little bluffing is good, but don’t be stupid!